AJV FilterFrameMaker™ is developed for those who want to make their air conditioning filter business more profitable. This goal is now easy to achieve. Instead of acquiring the steely filter frames from your subcontractor, start producing them by yourself. Let the fully automatic AJV FilterFrameMaker™ produce filter frames for you and just enjoy decreasing overall production costs, fast payback time and steadily growing profits.

AJV FilterFrameMaker™ is designed to produce high volumes of premium quality steel filter frames. It enables you to always deliver top quality, keep your production volumes high and save on purchasing costs.


Take the filter frame’s quality to the next level

AJV FilterFrameMaker™ is truly a next-generation filter frame production line. We have paid a lot of attention to eliminate all quality-related flaws in the frame’s profile that usually come due to a poor design and engineering work of profiling lines. Thanks to the frame raw material, galvanized steel, the frames are robust. Steel frames are recyclable.

Exceptional dimensional accuracy – Easier and faster installation

The key to eliminate all these quality-flaws is to produce the frames with exceptional dimensional accuracy. This is exactly what AJV FilterFrameMaker™ does. It produces the frames exactly according to their original design. This, in turn, makes the frames easier and faster to install to air conditioning machines, as there are no deformations in the frame’s profile.

Safety to use – Secure quality

Secondly, fear no injuries! When the panel filter frame’s profile is as it should be, thanks to AJV FilterFrameMaker™, the filters are safer to attach to the frames. There would not be sharp steely edges which could cause wounds and scratches.

Keep the mounting grooves solid – Grow the grooves’ lifetime

In the long run, the deformed and sharp frame edges also wear down the air conditioning machine’s mounting grooves, making it increasingly difficult to mount the frames to the grooves properly. AJV FilterFrameMaker™ makes this a thing of the past.

Keep the filter’s absorption capacity high Expand the filters’ lifetime

If the frame’s profile is dimensionally inaccurate and the frame edges are not smooth, the filters are difficult to attach to the frames properly. This exposes the filters to leaks, thereby weakening the filters’ general performance and absorption capacity over time. Frames produced by AJV FilterFrameMaker™ keep the filters steadily attached so that the filters can operate as they should for a long time.

Fully automatic production line – Simple process control

AJV FilterFrameMaker™ is a fully automatic filter frame production line. So, practically you just have to push a button, and AJV FilterFrameMaker™ does the rest. You don’t even have to do any adjustments when producing frames of different sizes. As we know, the frame sizes are globally standardized, so you just have to select which frame size you want to produce. Filter frames are manufactured according to the given side dimensions,
min. 275 x 121 mm and max. 1200 x 600 mm.


AJV FilterFrameMaker™ DIMENSIONS

Filter frames are manufactured according to the given side dimensions,
min. 275 x 121 mm and max. 1200 x 600 mm.

”AJV FilterFrameMaker™ enables us to serve high quality filter frames to our customer. Fully automatic, high capacity machine for metal frames gain us competitive advantage.”

Long-term AJV-Machine customer


Designed with a true know-how

We know that to bring a new kind of production technology and a new way of thinking to an existing production processes may arouse uncertainty and doubts. Our experience-based know-how combined to our all-inclusive services in implementation projects guarantee the successfully executed project implementation. With AJV FilterFrameMaker™ you can start new metal filter manufacturing safely, yet effectively.

Covering all your needs All-inclusive services from one partner

All our services and solutions are always tailored according to customers’ needs, adding value to their production and increasing their competitive edge.


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